Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Guide


As a manager, corporate video production may be new to you, or you may be an old hand with several productions to your credit.

In any event, you’ll want your next production to be a winner.

That’s where this free guide will help you.

Corporate Video Production – a manager’s guide – lays out the many steps to a successful production, while highlighting the pitfalls.

It’s aimed at helping the busy manager – you – understand what’s involved in video production and how it all hangs together as a whole thing in itself.

It shows almost every detail in clear, logical steps, based on a time-proven production methodology that will enable you to quickly grasp the big picture as well as the details.

Using this site

It’s probably best to start by clicking on Before You Start – as information it contains may well save you time and money.

But the whole site is completely interactive, so feel free to browse at will and enjoy.

This site is freeware and has no hidden catches, popups, ads, or spyware. Please enjoy.


Apart from the four main headings above – Before You Start, Pre-Production, The Shoot & Post Production – the site contains 24 sections in easy-to-follow pages.

Samples sections include:

Corporate Video Production is brought to you by Studio Rossiter, a multi-award winning production team serving the UK corporate marketplace.