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How Is Style Achieved In A Company Video?

$1,000,000 question.


How Is Style Achieved In A Company Video?Unless you've got a £10,000 budget and can afford ahigh concept, I’d suggest starting with something simpple.

A theme, a motif for your business video is one way to do this, though there are many others.

A theme can be derived from your logo, or brand identity, or brand promise.

It can be a visual post production trick such as a particular way that screens appear (transition) in and out.

It can be a graphic or animated theme, using colour and movement in a repeated themed way throughout the video, binding it together, giving it integrity and, you guessed it, giving it style.

Music very much influences the style of a company video. So don’t settle for ersatz lift music. Use the very best music your business can afford, and ensure your video post production team is expert at handling audio mixing and creatively using sound.

Be careful about using famous pop tunes because these can cost thousands. If you really want to cut a dash it’s much cheaper to commission new music from an established but relatively unknown composer.

Put music high on your list.

If you have great music and an individual visual theme for your video then your company is half way there.

But it all has to look powerful.

This is where bigness comes in.


Surveys of supermarket shoppers show that if a customer is looking at two identical products at the same price, then they’ll almost always choose the one with the biggest brand name.

Bigness counts.

For a company video, this means the Appearance of Bigness.

You aren’t necessarily the biggest player on the block.

But your business sure ought to look like it.

Creating the impression of bigness is paramount when converting risk-averse directors and corporate buyers to your company’s way of thinking.

All corporate video is a credible illusion of some sort.

The appearance of bigness is a major element in this credible illusion.

Obviously this is not an invitation to lie. Only a fool would lie.

But there are definitely ways to say things that create the appearance of bigness, without being deceitful or misleading.

Creating the appearance of bigness in a company video