Company Video Handbook

How Is Brevity Achieved In A Company Video?

Take a look at your bullet point list, the outline list of your planned company video’s content.

This is your overview of the business topics you want your video to cover, your roadmap.

Now, look at this list and divide it into two parts.

The 1st part will be about the products and services you actually deliver to customers, the things they actually see or experience as a result of doing business with you.


How Is Brevity Achieved In A Company Video?The 2nd part will be the things that you do, your processes, your background, and other stuff about you.

Scrap the second part.

Focus on the first part – what customers actually see as deliverables.

Very quickly you’ll have reduced your content from an unwieldy irrelevant list, to a crisp resume of what you deliver.

Brevity achieved.

If you must must must include items about you, items from the second part of your list, then rephrase these items as customer deliverables.

So instead of saying we did this and we did that, make it we deliver this, we deliver that. Turn a corporate boast into a proof of claim.

Or show that being around for 20 years, or having a great track record, implies that you deliver trust, or reduce risk

This is the route to brevity.

Focus on deliverables and forget the rest.

Nonetheless there is a view that says our company video must impress Financial Directors, we must impress CEOs. So let’s make an impressive showcase video!

Well you can impress them. And do it with style.


Today it’s almost impossible to buy even a fork for the table.


Because you’re presented with a choice of 20 or 30 different forks.

There are wooden handled forks, forks with short tines or long tines, forks with brass bits on them, plastic forks, plain forks, designed forks, long forks, short forks, wooded handled forks … well you get the idea.

It’s impossible to avoid style.

Everywhere, consumers & buyers expect, want and demand style in everything they touch, everything they purchase.

And your company video is no different.

How is style achieved in a company video?