Company Video Handbook

Choosing The Right Video Production Company

This is never easy, which is why many clients tend to stick with a good production company once they’ve found one.

It takes too long briefing a new production company every time you make a new video.

Finding a Video Production Company

Choosing The Right Video Production CompanyTo find a video production company you can look on Google (type “company video” or “corporate video”), check Yellow Pages, or ask colleagues or friends, or agencies you already work with.

Sooner or later you’ll find yourself talking to video producers or corporate video company reps, and hearing lots of views, and seeing lots of different samples.

Deciding on the best video producer

So how do you sort out the wheat from the chaff?

How do you know if you’re hiring a top quality video production company who will:

> Deliver a memorable production for you

> Exactly project your best possible business message on video

> Come in to-time and to-budget

In short, whose company video will help you win more deals?

Well, obviously you have to like the company video samples they show you.

But you also want a busy video company, as busy means lots of other people trust them, which is sign that they can deliver for you too.

11 Questions to Ask Potential Company Video Production Companies