Animated Explainer Video Begs For A Cool Presenter

By Rahul Vishela | Jun 22, 2017
animated explainer video

There’s a flood of wibbly-wobbly animated explainer videos invading the market, attacking us from all sides while we’re sitting there in front of our screens, drowning in a sea of soulless bumps & bobs, and accompanying animated squashes & stretches, all meaninglessly flashing by to a voiceover chorus from a person who we’d not especially…

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4 ways to dramatically reduce the cost of your explainer video

By Rahul Vishela | Apr 24, 2017
Explainer video services

Explainer video prices vary so much, and it’s difficult to understand what the prices mean, so let’s try and clear away some of the mystery. This is even more relevant today, as many companies plan whole series of explainer videos and it’s critical to reduce the unit cost per video. After all, a small $200…

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36 things you didn’t know about animated safety video

By Rahul Vishela | Apr 12, 2017
Animated safety video company

With animated safety video production on the increase we asked Studio Rossiter’s Creative Director, Linda Rossiter for an opinion of this trend. Linda reports “…. 3 years ago filmed video was the norm for safety managers. Now 2d animated video is often seen as the first option, as it can be cheaper and quicker to…

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Display screen risk assessment v3.3 free updated Mar 2017

By Kevin Rossiter | Mar 3, 2017
display screen risk assessment

With our display screen risk assessment now in its 10th year, we’re pleased to announce the free online version 3.3 release, a comprehensive, interactive training and display screen risk assessment for display screen equipment users, including a downloadable risk assessment document when completed. The whole app is now full size 1920×1080 making viewing and operation…

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5 ways your boss can screw up your corporate video

By Kevin Rossiter | Apr 6, 2016
5 ways your boss can screw up your corporate video

This is a light hearted look at the different ways your boss – or boss’s boss – has the power to muddle, confuse and generally make life difficult for your next corporate video production

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