16 Must-have Bits of Video Kit That Will Transform Your Corporate Video Production

By Kevin Rossiter | Dec 13, 2017

If you’re a marketer, PR, or corporate communicator tasked with producing a filmed corporate video, at some stage you’ll be asking yourself what equipment your video crew will need to provide to ensure you get a great looking video, full of the compelling power shots that keep audiences glued to the screen. And if you…

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Why Safety Animation Video is Better than Live Action Video in the Construction Industry

By Kevin Rossiter | Nov 29, 2017

Background As a safety adviser or project manager, you’ll know the construction industry has long been a big user of safety video, whether as bought-in modules, or custom-made video productions. Construction by its very nature is more hazardous than, say, factory work, as a factory is a single site, full of repetitive local activities, with…

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How to Plan A Winning Video Strategy for Your Software Technology Platform

By Kevin Rossiter | Nov 15, 2017

Software technology developers are fast waking up to the fact that: > videos need planning far more than they previously thought > up to an hour of runtime video may be required to cover everything you’ll need This is a major task, and a major spend. So let’s take a closer look and see how…

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News – New Factory video for KAB Seating

By Kevin Rossiter | Sep 15, 2017

KAB Seating UK have selected Studio Rossiter to produce a promotional video for their new Genesis 1 production line, their innovative, virtually error-proof system for delivering best-in-class, off-road vehicle seats. KAB Systems produce seats for vehicles like yellow plant onsite, agricultural vehicles, and generally tough environments, where the seat experiences a lot of hard, daily…

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Newsflash – Free Employee Wellness App Updated to V3.0

By Kevin Rossiter | Sep 15, 2017
Employee wellness app

After 10 years, our free Employee Wellness app has just had a long deserved update to include completely redesigned graphics and a bigger better friendlier GUI, as it now runs in HTML5, the multimedia language of websites. So if you’re new here, then what’s a Wellness app? The Employee Wellness Programme is an interactive tool…

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